• PRIMARK, UK, appointed SCIB as a long term Strategic Partner in Bangladesh to provide consultancy services on labor standards and working conditions to their suppliers/manufacturers development through audit, remediation and capacity building. A total of 16 factories had been selected by PRIMARK as participants of the project. The duration of this project was six month effective from December 2008 to June 2009. However, the project was successfully completed in March 2010.
  • SCIBĀ  has conducted capacity building training on social compliance issues for management & workers on 20 factories on behalf of Primark & New Look
  • Has completed more than eighty (80) third party audit for the PRIMARK Suppliers
  • Has provided Health Care Services (Medical Centers) for 200 factories with the voluntary participation of the factory owners
  • Progressively continuing to support factory management to adopt remediation on compliance with labor laws and health and Safety measures
  • Conducted Alternative Job Market Skill study to determine the re-skilling and Re-employment of the Retrenched Garment Workers
  • Conducted Research on the Social Compliance Status of RMG sector
  • Assisted the formation of the Social Compliance Forum for RMG only high level compliance monitoring for RMG sector of Ministry of Commerce-Bangladesh
  • Conducted 20 surveillance renewal audits in SCIB developed factories.

Workers Health Care program

  • We undertook a research study on the workers health and safety standards at the RMG sector jointly with North South institute, Canada
  • The organization (as a side project of NUK) has signed a MOU with the BGMEA in 2000 for operating health services deliveries in 200 factories with the voluntary participation of the factory owners
  • NUK and SCIB provided health care service to 86,993 workers in 200 factories
  • It arranged campaign for Accessible Transport Services (through BRTC) for Female garment workers.


Workers Rights Campaign on Post MFA Effects:

  • Workers Rights Campaign on Post MFA Effects under Bangladesh Garments Workers Protection Alliance (BGWPA) alliance of NGO’s, trade unions, workers organization and other concerned organization.
  • Organized (as a side project of NUK) International Solidarity Forum for Garment Workers of LDC in August 2003
  • The Ministry of Commerce and BGMEA formally recognized NUK’s efforts in this regards and they issued a formal Letter of Appreciation to NUK.