“Social Compliance Initiatives Bangladesh (SCIB)”

(Consultancy and Advisory services on Social, ethical and environmental standards relevant to RMG Sector of Bangladesh)

We ensure a compliant and safe factory environment

Social Compliance Initiative Bangladesh (SCIB) is an independent compliance service provider who ensures the regulatory and organizational standards in the areas of social, labor, ethical and environmental for Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector in Bangladesh. SCIB’s main objectives are to assess, upgrade and improve work place conditions. The activities of SCIB mainly focus on the areas of labor & workplace standards; strengthening management and worker relationships, increasing productivity towards promoting responsible business practices and establishing sustainable workplace environment.

Social Compliance Initiatives Bangladesh (SCIB) was started in 2008 by Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK) which has more than 20 years of work experiences in Bangladesh RMG sector. NUK is one of the pioneering NGO of Bangladesh, which has worked extensively with factory workers since 1990. Before forming of SCIB, NUK’s research has showed that irregular payments, unsafe workplace and unhygienic working conditions, opposition to unionization and absence of job security are among the most pressing problems that are needed to be resolved in urgent basis. To tackle down these sector specific setbacks, NUK has formed the Garment Factory and Workers Support Program (GFWSP) in 2006. With the financial assistance from CIDA and DFID, this project focuses on social compliance auditing and correction; and provides qualification services through capacity building (of the industries) in accordance with international standards and ethical sourcing requirements. In its most recent efforts to perform professional social compliance auditing, remediation and capacity building; NUK has initiated the Social Compliance Initiatives Bangladesh (SCIB) to undertake these tasks as an independent entity.

SCIB in collaboration with international buyers is improving social compliance and maintain standards in Bangladesh garments factories. SCIB performs independent social compliance auditing, supports factory management to adopt remediation measures, provides workers with trainings and hands on services to workers and management; and last but not the least monitors employment and working conditions in the industry. It aims to guarantee that organizational working conditions meet and in occasions surpass the international labor standards and ethical sourcing requirements. SCIB’s Garment Factories training Program, works with both management and workers to improve working conditions and protect workers rights to secure continued competitiveness and sustainability of the Bangladesh garments export industry. As global market is progressively requiring for adherence to international labor standards and ethical sourcing requirements, the services of SCIB that guarantee ideal conditions in factories and organizations. Currently SCIB is working as a third party auditor for PRIMARK and other international buyers. SCIB’s other services includes management development support, workers trainings on social compliance, competent productivity survey and interactive social dialogues with respective buyers and suppliers. SCIB maintains collaboration and networking with Bangladesh garments workers protection alliance (BGWPA); and is an imperative member of National Social Compliance Forum (NSCF) under the ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh.