Factory Certification

Since 2006, SCIB has conducted surveillance & renewal audit in 13 factories and successfully improved the social compliance standards of 71 factories (completed under donor fund). SCIB helps the factories to attain a certain level of compliance so that they can satisfy renowned buyers and make their factories self-sustaining. The scope of SCIB’s Certification audit is as follows:

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. Management and Workers capacity building
  3. Development of comprehensive policies
  4. Implementation of all policies and procedures
  5. 3 Follow-up Audit
  6. Certification
  7. Surveillance audit and renewal of certification(yearly basis)

The following factories were provided with a Certificate of Achievements and regular clients for surveillance audit and renewals of certification annually.

  1. Anowara Trendy Ltd.
  2. Anowara Fashion Ltd.
  3. Anowara Cotton Ltd
  4. Uttara Fabrics Ltd
  5. Anowara Fabrics Ltd.
  6. Anowara Knitting Ltd.
  7. Anowara Style Ltd.
  8. Metro Knitting & dyeing Ltd.
  9. Niagara Textiles Ltd
  10. Square Knit Fabrics Ltd.
  11. Northern Corporation Ltd
  12. S.M.H New Generation Apparels Ltd.
  13. S.M Knitwear Ltd.