Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Social Compliance Initiative Bangladesh (SCIB)?

Social Compliance Initiative-Bangladesh (SCIB) in an independent service provider in the area of social, labour, ethical and environmental standards relevant to RMG sector in Bangladesh. Promoting in accordance with law the development & implementation of compliant working conditions, employment opportunities and social environment within the garment industries.

Q: Why Choose Social Compliance Initiative Bangladesh (SCIB)?

• In-depth knowledge of, experience with, and core competencies in – compliance monitoring, manufacturing issues, labor standards and local practices and customs.
• Years of experience developing and implementing solutions for high-profile multinational companies.
• The knowledge and understanding of important issues of concern to stakeholders.
• Proven ability to deliver seamless global services – with rapid response capabilities.
• Proven ability to provide collaborative visits for multiple clients to share costs and remediation efforts.


Q: What are some of the components of the SCIB?

A: Social Compliance Audit

B: Conduct Training

C: Advocacy and consultancy

Q: What courses are offered?

A: Develop factory compliance

B: Conduct Training for Mid level Managements

C: Conduct Training for workers

D: Three days long course on basic social compliance

Q: How do I request for services?

From our home page click on request quota and you will get a form. Fill up form along with your desire service.

Q: What are the benefits of monitoring my suppliers for social compliance?

By having SCIB perform independent audits, multinational companies are able to determine if their products are being manufactured under safe, lawful and humane conditions. Having a code of conduct process that is supported by an independent auditing program strengthens brand image and allows companies to respond to critics and customers in good faith by articulating their process and having relevant information about conditions in their supply chain.

Q: Is there a globally recognized code of conduct or set of standards?

We have 20 years of experience in this field and look forward to continue. Now we are working with international buyers like as Primark, Sol’s and New Look. We ensure you to international standards.

Q: Do you have an online portal so I can track the status of my audits and receive results online?

Yet not updated. But we will work it now for easy access to our web and get your information in our website.

Q: Do you certify factories for code of conduct compliance?

As an independent auditor, SCIB certify factories for compliance with code of conduct standards. Also SCIB does perform audits for recognized buyers and follow the buyer’s code of conduct.

Q: What if I already have a code of conduct and way to measure social compliance in my company?

SCIB focuses on processes; it can work with any credible industry. SCIB components to enhance their existing corporate code of conduct program, or they can use the program to evaluate their own social performance or that of their suppliers.

Q: How does this help companies and supply chains improve?

Our program allows companies to identify where they are now. But what’s even more exciting – it defines a clear path to improvement and breaks the journey into small steps. Companies can use the SCIB program in many different ways. It can be used to create a baseline rating, as well as help identify specific areas for improvement. The training and tools can be used to improve performance in any of the 5 categories regardless of whether or not a company has gone through the full initial rating.
Q: What is your payment method?

For details please contact with our respective representative.