Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety encompasses the social, mental and physical well being of workers. It is a basic right of worker to have safe and healthy workplaces. This right is recognized internationally and the International Labour Organization has many conventions to protect workers at the workplace. The national labour Law also provides many provisions for the health and safety of workers. Even though the provisions are not comprehensive, yet they provide a basic framework for creating safer workplaces. It is the duty of the employer to provide workers with safe and healthy workspaces. However as we know that only having good legislations does not ensure better health and safety at the workplace. There is always a problem of implementation.  It is the right of a worker to demand better working conditions as their life, limbs and health are at stake. Since the workers union does not exists workers have to play a vital role in demanding that employer ensures a safer workplaces and workers are not injured or diseased at work.

SCIB offers a range of services to improve the health and safety condition within the factories. Following services on health and safety issues are provided by SCIB:


  • Health auditing
  • Training on occupational health and safety
  • Formation of health and safety committee for first Aid and firefighters
    • Capacity Building Training for Safety committee functions with objectives and duties
    • Management capacity building on their Roles and responsibility¬† to workplace safety and health
  • Setting up medical centers;
  • Setting up Child care centers at the factory level.